Jonnie Hall

Director of Policy
NFU Scotland

Jonnie Hall has been involved with agricultural and rural policy for more than thirty years, and is a graduate of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (First Class BSc. Honours in Agricultural Economics and an M.Phil. in agricultural policy research) and Oxford University (MSc. in Agricultural Economics).

The protracted seven years of student life also allowed plenty of time for Jonnie to practice his real passions – farming and rugby. Following an academic and consultancy career, Jonnie joined what was the Scottish Landowners’ Federation in 1998, leading their policy work on agriculture and land use issues. Jonnie then joined NFU Scotland in May 2007, and has overall responsibility for the policy work of NFU Scotland as Director of Policy. He has served on far too many stakeholder groups to ever count (or ever get that time back!) over the last eighteen years, but has become reasonably knowledgeable in all aspects of the agricultural and rural policy (especially in Scotland) in the process. He also thinks he’s developing an understanding of Scottish farming and Scottish farmers.

His life beyond NFU Scotland and the interests of Scottish agriculture revolves around his family, running up hills as a frustrated ex-rugby player, and a genuine interest in farming that occasionally means he does something useful for a change by gathering sheep.